International Society of Plastic Regenerative Surgeons
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ISPRES Presents

Join ISPRES on November 7, 2020, for a live, international event held in conjunction with this year's extended virtual Plastic Surgery The Meeting programming. Featuring presentations from well-known plastic surgery experts across the globe, this half-day educational event is designed to provide you with new perspectives on fat grafting and regenerative surgery.

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We are thrilled to feature presentations from experts hailing from almost a dozen countries including:

  • Chair: Lee Pu, MD (United States)
  • Steven Cohen, MD (United States)
  • Stefania de Fazio, MD (Italy)
  • Amin Kalaaji, MD (Norway)
  • Roger Khouri, MD (United States)
  • Marco Klinger, MD (Italy)
  • Feng Lu, MD (China)
  • Guy Magalon, MD (France)
  • Timothy Marten, MD (United States)
  • Peter Rubin, MD (United States)
  • Kook Kwang Sik, MD (South Korea)
  • Ewa Siolo, MD (South Africa)
  • Aris Sterodimas, MD (Greece)
  • Patrick Tonnard, MD (Belgium)
  • Luiz Toledo, MD (United Arab Emirates)
  • Kotaro Yoshimura, MD (Japan)