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Regenerative Innovations Video Series

As part of your ISPRES membership, you have access to ISPRES Regenerative Innovations Video Series (RIVS) video recordings. Developed by Kotaro Yoshimura, MD, RIVS is an exciting series of presentations related to regenerative plastic surgery.

Along with other great resources, the following RIVS presentations are available on the members-only side of our page:

  • Adipose Tissue Biology by Kotaro Yoshimura, MD
  • Breast Fat Grafting by Kotaro Yoshimura, MD
  • Gluteal Fat Grafting by Alexandra Conde-Green, MD
  • The Art of Fat Grafting by Roger Khouri, MD
  • Vaginal Canal Rejuvenation by Nelson Piccolo, MD
  • Using Fat Grafting to Address Challenging Reconstructions, by Paolo Persichetti, MD
  • Fat Grafting by Nelson Piccolo, MD
  • Breast Fat Grafting by Marzia Salgarello, MD
  • Sclerosis and Fat Grafting by Guy Magalon, MD
  • Fat Grafting to Treat Scars and Nerves and Related Problems by Marco Klinger, MD

RIVS Videos
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