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ISPRES Webinars

The International Society of Plastic Regenerative Plastic Surgeons has launched a webinar series ISPRES Presents. Webinars will provide an interactive forum to provide insight and discuss hot topics related to the regenerative medicine and plastic surgery.

ISPRES webinars are complimentary to ISPRES members and may expand beyond the membership dependent on the topic.

As we finalize the schedule, the Online Education Committee, chaired by Dr. Sydney Coleman, is accepting topics for consideration. To suggest webinar topics, please email

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Past Webinars
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ISPRES Presents: Instrumentation in Fat Grafting 1 Recording Coming Soon
Essential Instruments for Beginning of Fat Grafting
Speaker: Ewa Siolo, MD (South Africa)
Fat Grafting via the Coleman Technique - Our Method and Instrumentation in Brazil
Speaker: Nelson Piccolo, MD (Brazil)
Moderator: Brian Kinney, MD (United States)

Fat Grafting & Early Regenerative Surgery: Coleman Fat Grafting the Beginning of an Evolution
Speaker: Sydney Coleman, MD (United States)
Moderator: Nelson Piccolo, MD (Brazil)

ISPRES Presents: What is Fat Grafting & Regenerative Surgery
Speaker: Alexandra Condé Green, MD (United States)
Moderator: Sydney Coleman, MD (United States)

ISPRES Presents: Surviving the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic: An International Perspective from Regenerative Plastic Surgeons
Chair: Amin Kalaaji, MD, PhD (Norway)
Moderators: Sydney Coleman, MD (United States) and Aris Sterodimas, MD, MSc, PhD (Greece)
Panelists: Kotaro Yoshimura, MD (Japan); Ewa Siolo, MD (South Africa); Nelson Piccolo, MD (Brazil); Stefania de Fazio, MD (Italy); Ramon Lull, MD (Spain); Alexandra Condé-Green, MD, FICS (United States); Brian Kinney, MD, FACS
Guest Speakers: Albert D. Donnenberg, MD, PhD (United States) and Vera Donnenberg, MD, PhD (United States)